Thursday, 12 January 2012

Alaska Girl v.s Bling Girl

Growing up in Alaska where for me dressing up was jeans and a hooded sweatshirt..... I have been asked why I chose JEWELRY as my choice of work.. :) I am super comfortable to put on rain gear, boots, jeans, hooded sweatshirts that support a local tavern and jump on a 4-wheeler, race through a muddy swamp and spray mud EVERYWHERE!!!  I can hike a glacier, or out to camp 8 miles into the wilderness to ride horses back into town... I enjoy kayaking and camping.. HOWEVER, I choose to camp in a tent by a creek somewhere in the woods... Not in a CAMPER that is hooked up to electricity.. haha   I am an Alaska girl at heart and that will always be in my blood... I hope to eventually move back home and raise my kids there as well...     I do however, enjoy dressing up on occasion and wearing some fun bling!!  Now, I wear my jewelry with jeans and with sweats... In fact, I went into a local outlet store last winter in sweats and was offered a job.. The lady said that if I could pull of bling with a sweats outfit, she wanted me working for her... :)    I wear jewelry with all kinds of clothes, in fact... I've even been in jammies and jewelry!!   I wanted something I could do that would allow me to stay home with my kids.. Justin works so hard at what he does and with him being gone so much, I wanted to be with our kids as much as possible..  I have done many other at home businesses in the past and as much as I love their products (and still buy them on occasion), they were not a fit for me.  When I found Cookie Lee.. I was AMAZED at what all they offered..  They have the best compensation plan out there. The bouses of jewelry and cash are phenominal... The ALL-INCLUSIVE trip is actually attainable.. ( I am leaving in May for a week in Puerto Rico and it is ENTIRELY PAID for by Cookie Lee Jewelry... EVERYTHING!).. This is also something I can do with my daughter.. She enjoys getting to wear the kid's jewelry from Cookie Lee Jewelry and coming with me to shows or events...  I started it and didn't really put a great deal of effort into it until last Fall..  At that point, I decided I wanted to make it my source of income for our family... This past year has been amazing... I have a wonderful team of girls under me and I have been able to pay bills and do fun things with the money from the jewelry..  I think my favorite part is that I don't have to turn the money into anyone.. When I sell a piece of jewelry, whatever money I am given from the customer is MINE... I can take it and get dinner out or I can invest half of it back into jewelry...  It is entirely my decision..   It has been a big blessing in my life and I am so thankful that I am able to be home with my kids...  I don't have to ask a boss for time off to see my kids events or to take a trip with my family... and I don't have to ask for a raise or hope for one... I can give myself a raise anytime I want!!        SO,.......... even though the mud slinging is always a part of me... I will also be able to sport the bling!!