Tuesday, 27 September 2011


This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team walking for Leukemia/Lymphoma at the Light The Night Walk in Seattle, Washington.
Last year my friend Julie was told that her papa, Jim Fechtner, had Leukemia...  It was a hard blow to her and their family..  Things began to happen quick... He had treatments in Seattle and the family owned business for over 100 years had to be closed....  With many appointments and waiting and wondering.... it made for a long, stressful year... filled with anxiety as to how things were going to turn out...   We walked last year for the first time in support! Our little team in one year has raised over $5800 toward the research and cure of Leukemia/Lymphoma. Not knowing what this next year would bring was hard, but they stuck it through and Jim went in for testing a few months ago and was told that he IS CANCER FREE!  The words that anyone would want to hear... he heard!  This year, HE WALKED WITH US! He wore the SURVIVOR shirt and let our team around that lake...  I got to watch his family... Julie, Her mom, their close family friends.....  and was so thankful to be there!  To see the excitement in Julie's eyes knowing that she gets this chance with her daddy that she didn't know if she was going to get.... and the same look in her mom's eyes, getting to hold her husband's hand to lead us out in the walk....   It really puts life into perspective! 

I am so blessed to be a small part of this family.  They have touched my life and the life of my kids in so many ways..  I look forward to walking with them again next year!

Thank you to all of those that loved on them and prayed for them... That continued support is always a blessing...  And thank you to those of you that donated to my kids and I walking these last two years!!  Very thankful!! :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mother's Day and My Mama

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and a day for me to reflect on my mama and what she has "given" to me over the past 33 years.  As a little girl, I can remember being "given" spankings... (of course, they never hurt..  However, Mikey and I learned in a hurry to not let dad know that mom's spankings didn't hurt)!  At the time, of course, these were not welcomed gifts from mom, but today I thank her for loving me enough to teach me right and wrong!  Have I always listened and obeyed, absolutely not, but it doesn't mean she didn't teach me! 
I am who I am today in large part because of my mom. She has lived her life as a daily example of what a Mom is, of what Wife is and of what a TRUE FRIEND is.  
My friendship with my mom is something I treasure dearly and appreciate each and everyday!  
Thank you mom! Happy Mother's Day!