Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mother's Day and My Mama

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and a day for me to reflect on my mama and what she has "given" to me over the past 33 years.  As a little girl, I can remember being "given" spankings... (of course, they never hurt..  However, Mikey and I learned in a hurry to not let dad know that mom's spankings didn't hurt)!  At the time, of course, these were not welcomed gifts from mom, but today I thank her for loving me enough to teach me right and wrong!  Have I always listened and obeyed, absolutely not, but it doesn't mean she didn't teach me! 
I am who I am today in large part because of my mom. She has lived her life as a daily example of what a Mom is, of what Wife is and of what a TRUE FRIEND is.  
My friendship with my mom is something I treasure dearly and appreciate each and everyday!  
Thank you mom! Happy Mother's Day!